My Private Christmas Song

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於 2010年12月11日 (六) 16:51 由 Kennyfong19931 (對話 | 貢獻) 所做的修訂
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曲 / 詞 : 舒文@Zoo Music

While this Christmas 
I am falling like snowflakes at your door 
As my guardian angel′s singing for someone else 
Eternity stains when love has turned into pain 
love must be something I don′t deserve 
This is my private Christmas Song 

All the memories are fading 
Snow turns to rain 
As tonight I am craving for those endless kisses 

A melody written for someone 
just as a child has its parents 

This song is something you never care for 
This is my Private Christmas song 
This is my Private Christmas Song


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